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Suriname Calender - the new calendar of Suriname is available..

the 2014 photo calendar of Suriname


Suriname kalender 2013
The cover of the 2013 Suriname Calendar of  2013.


Welcome English speaking lovers of Suriname. This year our foundation has published the twentieth edition of the Suriname Calendar. The proceeds are to help finance projects in the fields of education, welfare and care and which are focused particularly on the most disadvantaged groups struggling at the bottom of society.
We hope you will support our goals by ordering our calendar. The texts are still in Dutch; but the main asset of our calendar is the focus on the photography of Suriname and its peoples. Suriname is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse countries in the world. Suriname is the only Dutch speaking country in South America. Suriname is home to 15 distinct languages, Dutch is the main home language in two-thirds of households; and it is the official language.
As the owner of this calendar you will not only enjoy the magnificent photography and - of course - know what the date is; you will learn the subtle differences between the Dutch and English names of the months and days. The explanatory texts on the back of the photographs are however in Dutch. If you want to order your calendar(s) please mail us.

Hugo Spijker